Why Chiropractic?

The very nature of chiropractic care stems from the belief that good health can be maintained without use of drugs and medication.

Chiropractors believe that this concept of 'good health' partly depends upon the nervous system, and particularly the nerves that extend from the spine to all areas of the body.

Many factors, such as stress or tension can result in the misalignment of the spine causing damage to nerve roots, which causes pain in other areas of the body. A chiropractor will fully assess the spine and ask relevant questions to understand the cause of the problem – in instances of stress and tension a chiropractor will firstly address the physical problem and will then discuss ways in which patients can improve their lifestyle and mental wellbeing to avoid symptoms from reoccurring in the future.

To determine if chiropractic care would be beneficial to you, please contact our Coventry based practice today to arrange a consultation with a member of our highly qualified team.